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Louise Callin Mindset Coach
Embracing the beautiful Lisbon
My Journey

Dance has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I dedicated most of my free time after school and on weekends to this passion. From a young age, I set my heart on pursuing a dance career, and I never wavered in that commitment. Unlike my schoolwork (which required more effort to motivate me!), attending dance classes was a natural inclination.

At the age of 16, I went off to full-time dance college, where I also received training to become a qualified dance teacher. Reflecting on those years, I grappled with self-esteem issues, often feeling inadequate and hesitating to step out of my comfort zone. While the training I received prepared me for an incredible career, I also encountered challenges. Full time dance training can have a darker side - one that personally left me with more issues than I initially had.

During this period, I became increasingly self-conscious about my body. Although critiques of my appearance and weight likely came from good intentions, there was little awareness of the long-term impact on the dancers’ mental health. As a dancer, you exist under a constant spotlight - not only during stage performances but also in every aspect of your presence: how you dress, style your hair and makeup, and perform in class. The competitive nature of the business toughens dancers’ skin, but it also takes a toll.

After completing full-time college, I embarked on an exciting career, which afforded me the incredible opportunity to sail around the world not just once, but four times aboard cruise ships. What a fantastic way to explore the globe and gain life experiences in my twenties! 

Loving Life in Sydney Australia
Chilling in Bora Bora

These years marked a significant period of self-discovery for me. I began to recognise my potential and allowed my natural leadership qualities to emerge.

Traveling the world in style ignited my wanderlust, and ever since, I am always planning my next destination. People often inquire about my favorite place. Without a doubt, Bora Bora stands out as the most breathtaking location I’ve ever visited - its crystal-clear waters left me mesmerised. I recall spending an entire day floating in a rubber ring, completely immersed in the beauty of that paradise! Reflecting on those years of globetrotting while getting paid to dance, I feel immense gratitude for the experiences and memories that shaped me during that remarkable journey.

Embarking on my dance career, I found myself drawn to the enchanting shores of Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Initially, a brief visit, this idyllic haven soon became my cherished home for the next nine transformative years. It was here that my life truly unfurled, where I stepped into my own power, discovering my intrinsic worth and purpose.

I was offered a premise to start some classes, initially seen as a means to supplement my income and keep me immersed in my passion. However, life had bigger plans! That small studio blossomed into my full-time job, welcoming countless young dancers through its doors. The school’s growth was swift and it soon found its place in the very building I had always envisioned - a dream fulfilled.

My previous Dance studio on Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Reflecting on this journey, I smile at the synchronicity. As my Mum sifted through my old boxes in the UK, she unearthed a box of notebooks from my youth. In those pages, I meticulously planned my future dance school - registers, class schedules, and all. Little did I realise then that I was manifesting my destiny on that tranquil island in the vast Pacific Ocean.

With immense pride, I share that the school not only thrived but also soared to national and international acclaim. Some of these students now grace professional stages, a testament to the magic woven within those dance studio walls.

Reflecting on life in New Zealand

Following personal circumstances and a strong intuition, I then made one of the most challenging decisions of my life: putting my studio on the market. Deep within, I sensed it was time to let go and embrace new opportunities. This marked a new chapter in the UK, closing the chapter I had in New Zealand - a place that holds a significant piece of my heart. The friends and community I found there remain sources of immense gratitude. Running a fast paced business without family support in a country halfway across the world revealed my strength and resilience. The journey was tumultuous, filled with highs and lows, yet it ignited an unwavering zest for life. A flame, long dimmed, now alight, affirming that we truly can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Since selling my studio, I’ve had ample time for self-exploration. I delved into the spiritual realm, exploring the power of manifestation and the law of attraction. Returning to the UK, I was determined to recreate the magic I experienced in New Zealand. However, upon reflection and a return to my core values, I realised that reopening a studio wasn’t my current calling. Balance emerged as my paramount value so while I cherish my studio owner journey, everyday balance eluded me, leading to burnout and physical manifestations of stress.

And so, I’ve embarked on a new path - working with women to live fearlessly and to make the changes needed to step into their power. Along this journey I have found the incredible Belief Coding® modality which is truly life changing. As an accredited Life Coach and a Belief Coding® facilitator, I provide coaching that seamlessly blends the powerful techniques of Belief Coding® with the transformative principles of Mindset and Transformation. Through this unique fusion, I guide individuals toward unlocking their full potential, fostering resilience, and achieving lasting positive change. Continual growth has been my guiding principle - I am also undergoing further training to become a Belief Coding® Master Facilitator and an NLP Practitioner. The mastery I acquire enables me to offer Belief Coding at a group level through customised courses.

Feeling grounded back home in the UK

My purpose remains rooted in helping others and my passion lies in empowering women - individuals like yourself. The chapters in my life story serve as inspiration for others to embrace change and pursue their dreams. I firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their dream life freely. The journey begins within, but I am here to support you, empowering you to achieve the desired results. Age is no barrier; it is never too late. Embrace the belief that you deserve happiness, freedom, and fulfillment every single day. 

You are here for a purpose - heed that calling and prioritise yourself. 

Be Free, Be Fearless, and Be Authentically You!

Love Lou x
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